Why is the creation of respon.cat considered a strategic move?

  • Internacionalització Innovació Responsabilitat social CompetitivitatThis is a national initiative, with the potential to become the leading project to demonstrate the importance of business commitment to society. It can improve the reputation of the business sector, and provide a means of articulating the collaboration between private, public and social sectors, and an option for a national ideal that incorporates shared challenges and better governance.
  • The potential of CSR in Catalonia makes it possible to ensure this approach becomes an attribute of the national brand, projecting Catalonia as a region that incorporates these assets. Companies, government, universities, and business schools will benefit from this initiative.
  • The major challenges of the Catalan economy are innovation and internationalisation, which, combined with social responsibility, will encourage a more sustainable and competitive model adapted to the challenges of a new society and the new economy.
  • The more developed countries, and those that lead the economy with social cohesion, have been leaders in the development of CSR, resulting in companies with a greater sense of social commitment, which has enabled them to better overcome the economic crisis and prevent a greater impact on their citizens.

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